Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yucky Nasty Bug Facts: This guy's marketing rocks

Who knew an entomologist could be this much fun?

I love this guy's marketing.

Hal Coleman runs North Fulton Exterminating Company, an exterminating business down in Alpharetta, GA.

To promote it, he uses e-mail and a video blog called Yucky Nasty Bug Facts with episodes like this one about mosquitos.

His videos are fantastic. And they work. They're converting prospects (businesses and consumers) and keeping his nine employees very happy and very busy with new jobs.

He's a great example of a small business that's really blowing away local competition by jumping on the latest Web marketing tools.

And his copy is fun, engaging and .... well, I just want to read it.

Take a look at the email that just arrived promoting the video blog:

"I don't know if you like frogs or not, but I absolutely love' em. I have
3 ponds (water gardens) a few feet away from my screened porch and, at night in the summer time, the frogs will blow you away.

I have 5 species of frogs that I have cultivated through the years and they make quite a chorus. When guests are sitting on my porch at nite, someone will invariably ask, "Where did you get the soundtrack of all the frogs?"

They just can't believe it's real.

One thing I have to remember to do is treat my ponds for mosquitoes.
Beginning in May, I place a "Mosquito briquet" in each pond. These little pellets release a bacteria into the water that kills the mosquito larvae before they can emerge as adults and bite me. Oh yea, it works great! (Don't worry, it won't hurt the fish."
Great stuff Hal.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power on May 1 at 1.30pm.


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