Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's your favorite B2B search engine?

Here's a great resource for any B2B marketer.

SearchEngineLand has just published The Big List Of Major B2B Search Engines by Galen de Young of FrancisSEO.

In the article, Galen writes:

"While business searchers may start their quest on a general search engine like Google, as they become more informed and progress further in the buying cycle, they often turn to other sources for additional and more detailed information.

"Many turn to general B2B search engines or head to niche-oriented search sites, where they hope to find fewer extraneous search results and other types of content, such as white papers, case studies, and other content marketing vehicles. The searcher's aim is to get better information and to get it more quickly."

Which b2b search engines do you like? If you are a time-starved, resource-deprived business marketer, which search engine delivers the biggest bang for its buck? Do you only optimize for Google and Yahoo and forget about the verticals?

I'd love to hear how you do it, and so would your colleagues. Please let us know.

By the way, thanks to Anita Campbell at SmallBizTrends for giving me a heads up on this list.

FrancisSEO has lots of useful info. If you are looking for a white paper to help you build internal support for your SEO efforts, check out Five mistakes CEOs Make.

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Dave J. said...

Kinda old hat to me, but still an open (and interesting) discussion about what is out there and will anyone use these sites.

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Thanks for sharing these links.