Friday, May 23, 2008

What are they thinking? Meet Jim Hare, marketer with GodwinPumps

In this new feature, we try to get inside the heads of some of our readers with a new question and answer feature. We've asked that all answers be less than 140 characters in length (a small tribute to Twitter).

Jim Hare is much better looking than I imagined :)

Meet Jim Hare, marketing and sales analyst, and CRM guru with GodwinPumps.

What's been your best internet success? I would say moving our main page up in the rankings after making some changes to the HTML suggested by IMR/paper edition

What's been your darkest moment? Seeing how awful our other site, managed by our ad agency, really is, and having no way to change it without costing $$$$$.

What's your worst fear about your site?
That I'll get blamed for gaffes provided by other employees and not yet uncovered by my sleuthing.

Where do you go for new ideas? Usually a strong alcoholic, I get inspiration everywhere - With IMR near the pinnacle of the list.

What's your favorite way to unwind when things are bad, very bad? Well, it also involves a strong alcoholic beverage, I'll say that.

Your title: Undetermined, considering "Internet Poo-bah" (see above).
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