Monday, May 12, 2008

A great way to broadcast the voice of the customer

An update on podcasting ...

Podcast listeners are highly engaged and motivated, as I said in this post, "These people are 73% more likely to buy."

But podcasting also provides marketers with something rare: The ability to load the voice of the customer on any Web site. Nothing more powerful than hearing a real customer talk about a company's service or product.

I neglected in my last post on podcasting to provide some examples of how companies are using them. Here are five:

  • Oracle uses them extensively to talk about everything, from interesting applications to broadcasting speeches by its executives. And it gives its customers another avenue to talk about what concerns them and how they're using Oracle's products.

  • Marketer John Jantsch at DuctTapeMarketing uses them to showcase interesting ideas and marketing ideas, often demonstrating a point he is trying to make. In this broadcast, he showcases a small business owner who shows you can use social media in any industry (an argument that Jantsch has been trying to make.)

  • The Small Business Administration uses them for how-to sessions. A recent podcast included a checklist of 12 things someone needed to know to start their own business.

  • SimonSays (Simon & Schuster's Web site) has a monthly podcast that lures readers (online and offline) like bees to honey with readings of new books and interviews with authors.

  • MarketingEdge uses podcasts to position its public relations and marketing firm as an industry leader through interviews with influential marketers like Joseph Jaffe.

    For a long list of business podcats, check out Anita Campbell's list at SmallBusinessTrends.

    • Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power on Monday May 12 at 8 a.m.


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