Tuesday, May 6, 2008

These people are 73% more likely to buy

Podcasting caters to niche audiences, but there are riches in those niches ...

A new study by eMarketer finds that people who listen to podcasts are much more involved and are much more likely to remember the ads and content.

“The studies showed a 73% increase in likelihood to use or buy an advertised product," said Velvet Beard, vice president at Podtrac. "The studies showed that 69% of audience members have a more favorable view of in-show advertisers."

It makes sense to me. Every morning my much better half spends a long time finding the right podcast to listen to on his way to work. He loves them. He's the one on the Metro who isn't tapping to music but drawing on an imaginary whiteboard as he listens to complicated economics' broadcasts. And he says many of his colleagues who commute do the same thing.

No reason you couldn't load a podcast of your expert talking about a new process, the latest speech by an industry leader, a how-to on a new process or product, etc.

Interested in trying a new podcast or thinking about doing something new with one, take a look at this update I posted today (Monday May 12) with links to some hardworking podcasts being used by business marketers and others.

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Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power on Tuesday May 6 at 11.40 a.m


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