Thursday, May 22, 2008

Microsoft's cashback: Desperate and brilliant, says Arrington

Microsoft's announcement yesterday of its Cashback program to offer rebates to shoppers who find products using its search engine is really shaking things up.

There are already nearly 10,000 blog posts responding to the announcement.

Whether you think it's a travesty or canny marketing, it looks sure to change the search landscape.

eBay's VP for internet marketing and advertising, Matt Ackley, is quoted in today's The New York Times' saying that eBay might move search dollars from Google to Microsoft if the program shows promise.

TechCrunch's guru Michael Arrington describes it as "desperate and brilliant," in this great post, "The Empire Strikes Back: Our Analysis Of Microsoft Live Search Cashback."

"Brilliant because they have such a small share of search revenue today that they have little to lose, and they are hitting Google hard in their core business," says Arrington.

What are its chances of working?

"Microsoft has a search engine?"
— was one comment in response to the New York Times' article.

If consumers can actually find Microsoft's search engine, they may be attracted by the rebate.

I'm thinking about buying a new digital camera and here's the deal I'd get with the new program:

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power at 1.00 p.m on Thursday May 22.


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Anonymous said...

Gas promotion gone mad. Insurance company Infinity offered gas at 1.99 a gallon, covering the gap. one small press release and the rest was history and a mad rush on the gas stations.