Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Industrial buyers laughing? If this keeps up, they'll be dancing the Indium jig ...

An old joke from my childhood in Australia to start with: Why do Methodists disapprove of sex? Because it could so easily lead to dancing.

Industrial buyers are real humans! They buy with the hearts as well as their minds.

That's not news to the smart marketers at Indium Corporation.

They've developed a series of fun videos about their, and their buyers', obsession with solder paste. Like the one below, they're delightfully tongue in cheek and a bit dorky. Indium realizes its solder paste may not be everyone's cup of tea, but chances are, it has many business buyers who are passionate about getting the right paste for the job. That's turns a commodity product into a very different thing altogether.

Why use videos? Why use humor?

Here's what Rick Short, the company's marketing whiz, said when I asked him about the videos that he's developed and produced.

"It is NOT my job or assignment or goal to be “average”. Every company seems to be promoting themselves the exact same way (trade show, print ad, small rolling banner ad, etc.).

"I knew, if I were to rely solely on these tactics, that I would be “average” – and fail. You know the old saying, “No one ever got fired for buying IBM”? Well, I think that a lot of people feel that, if they do Marcom like everyone else, they’ll be safe. They won’t. They’ll blend into the crowd and be “average”.

"So, having been in the industry for over 2 decades, I know this market. I know the people. And guess what??? They’re real humans!

"They have a sense of humor, they watch TV, they see state-of-the-art movies made by award-winning artists, they know good media, and they know bad media. I figure, why should these people be forced to switch off their soul when they come to work? So, I set out to get my message into their hearts by using a little emotion and a unique angle."

What kind of results are you seeing?

"I have never received so much unsolicited feedback on any promotional program in my career (and I’m not even really doing a great job of it).

"I literally get stopped in the aisles of trade shows, worldwide, by people who tell me they’ve seen these ads.

"Interestingly, people don’t call them ads. They refer to them as “videos.” I even have people talking about the body of work (the entire series of ads) and letting me know which one is their favorite. Last month at a trade show in Shanghai I had two people tell me that their favorite videos were not in the rotation (in our exhibit videos) and request that I add them in for the next time. In addition, my Sales teams all tell me that they want these videos included in the package when we exhibit in their regions. To me this is exciting."

That is exciting. Here is a company that knows its buyers well enough to know they're not only interested in specifications.

They want to buy the best product, but turning the transaction into an experience makes it something they'll want to do again and again.

Now if only other marketers would believe that ...

By the way, Rick's blog is worth a visit.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power on Wednesday May 20 at 8 a.m.


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Dave J. said...

Rick's a pretty smart cookie. What he does work because he knows the industry and can dance in that space.