Monday, May 12, 2008

I think I've fallen in love ...

with Animoto.

It takes about two minutes to turn ordinary slides, photos or PowerPoint presentations into an interesting video with Animoto. And doing a 30-sec clip is free.

It makes video easily accessible for any company, any non-profit, any family. If you forgot Mother's Day, grab some photos and send her a lovely little sentimental video.

I scoffed when Amazon's Jeff Bezos said Animoto made it really easy for anyone to create videos with their own photos. Then I saw a lovely little film made by a nonprofit to encourage people to donate organs.

So I decided to try it. My first attempt was awful. (It did only take two minutes.) My next attempt was better, see below. I asked Jim Hare at GodwinPumps to email some company slides of his company's monster industrial pumps, I stole a couple of nice looking slides from the Web (for experimental purposes). I uploaded them and here it is:

Another great thing: Uploading the videos to YouTube is extremely easy and automated. And it easy to embed the url of the video anywhere you want. (If I can do it, anyone can.)

How does it work? It has some "special sauce," coding that synchronizes photos, even awful ones like mine with music. They're working on adding words.

You could use a clip like this:

  • to showcase products on your Web site
  • to celebrate your customers (like these Harley-Davidson's fans in this video)
  • to start a sales presentation, seminar or a speech
  • to highlight a new product,
  • to celebrate an achievement
  • to mark a retirement
  • to turn a boring old PowerPoint presentation into something that won't make prospects go to sleep. The Sparta Schools District used an Animoto video to brighten up a board meeting and promote its school, and
  • to turn a podcast into a video. It's possible to load your own sound track so why not load a recording over some interesting photos for a double whammy?
Why bother? Because universal search is changing the landscape. Video is showing up more and more in search results and companies who have optimized these sorts of digital assets are more likely to get better results.

Creating this sort of content has never been easier.

Animoto I love you!


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