Thursday, April 17, 2008

The icing on the cake: Local listings with ads online for free

Check out how Google is adding YouTube to Google Maps. It means any company can turns its local listing into its own little television ad, say commentators like Garrett Rogers in this good explanation at Zdnet.

Online marketer's nirvana: cake plus video plus photos plus URL To see one great example of how it works, go to Google Maps and enter "I Dream of Cake, SF," he suggests. This company's results completely monopolize the page. Or take a look at this screen shot here.

Users of Google's Local Business Center will be able to upload as many as five videos hosted on YouTube. Once they are added, people who locate your business will also have the ability to watch your video right inside Google Maps. Oh yeah, did we mention this stuff is free?

And two other quick bits:

Planning on moving your site to a new domain? Here's some great info from Google on how to do it without hurting your traffic.

And don't think Microsoft has a sense of humor? Yesterday it released this goofy video, which many people thought was for real. Turns out, it was Microsoft sending itself up, reports CNET.


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