Monday, April 14, 2008

Ads below the fold: Don't waste your time and money

things are not what they seem in online markeitng
Only a small fraction of people will actually "see" an online ad if it is below the fold.

Implications: Think carefully about where your ads will appear on other sites, because your cost per click may be much higher than expected. And what about inhouse ads? The study seemed to suggest that conversions will drop dramatically depending on where you place the ad.

In trade magazines and newspapers, everyone knows that placement is everything. Now a new eye-tracking report finds the same thing holds true online.

The report by MarketingSherpa finds Internet users don't even "see" ads on a Web page, particularly if they're below the fold. It didn't even matter whether a site is a highly trafficked media property or a niche blog, according to Media Post.

The report found ads:

Above the fold were visible to 100% of site visitors, but only about 60% of them actually saw them.

Below-the-fold units were visible to roughly 70% of viewers, but only about a quarter of them actually saw the ads.

Ads in other spots, like center placements to columns and spots on the far left side of the page, performed even worse.

You can read more at MediaPost or buy the full report from .

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