Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why respectable Web sites could be losing female prospects

Men wants pics (sorry, no Playboy pinups on this site), women read more carefully. That's one way to interpret this interesting article "Why Sex Discrimination Can Boost Your Online Marketing," by Christine Churchill over at SearchEngineLand.com.

A quote:

"The empirical findings indicate that there is a big difference in the attentional behaviour between women and men. Whereas women tend to receive textual information very carefully, men start their orientation on a web site at photos and generally, read less text.

Concluding from the empirical data, we therefore, describe women as being text orientated and accurate, and men as icon orientated and loose... women read and men do not."

Just like life, men and women want different things from a Web site:

  • Men want to cut the fluff and go straight to the point
  • Men like pics (say no more)
  • Men are loose. Women want trust first. They want to go slowly before hopping into a relationship, and
  • Women like sites designed by other women.

If you want to see a site that's geared to women, and doing well it seems, take a look at DivineCaroline. And yes, it does have some pink/maroon touches.

By the way, I found the article on marketing to men and women while using a new search tool, Silobreaker, which maps connections between people, places, PDFs, videos, etc.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power Tuesday March 4 at 8 am.


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