Friday, March 7, 2008

Wacky world of wiki ... dare I say wiral (sic) marketing at its wildest?

Has anybody read this amazing article on The Charms of Wikipedia - The New York Review of Books by Nicholson Baker? It is funny, interesting and wow ...what a huge opportunity and risk for any marketer.

He writes some people use Wiki more than Amazon or eBay. Yet it's capricious: it's careful, messy, funny, shocking and full of simmering controversies, he writes.

And these days, it seems to be the top result on nearly every search result. Why is it doing so well? Like everything successful on the Internet (Facebook, YouTube, Daily Kos, World of Warcraft) it is highly addictive, says Baker.

His take on why: They are "solitary ways to be social."

Wikipedia is not for cowards or people who can't go the distance. You can spend ages writing an entry and bam! A whole day's work (for nothing but the fame and glory, not) gets deleted by someone else.

One example, someone was working away on a serious entry on ageing saying things like, "This irreversible series of changes inevitably ends in death." Some vandal then replced the entire article with this gem, "Ageing is what you get when you get freakin old old old."

You can read the entire article online. Save it for the weekend or for when you need a laugh. We giggled over it in bed last night for ages. Then I was left with a sense of panic about whether I needed to get some of my own wacky wiki, and create an entry about this blog, or would some vandal rip me to shreds?

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power Friday March 7 at 10am.


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