Thursday, March 6, 2008

URLs that are hard to forget

As a cab was whisking me to the Orlando Airport yesterday, I spotted a huge roadside billboard with a URL and message you couldn't miss:


It's easier than you think."

That was all it said.

So simple, so easy to remember and, very likely, so relevant. After a few days doing the rounds of Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc., many men (and women) may be thinking about the need for better family planning.

There's a great blog called GoodURLBadURL that talks about what makes a good URL and what makes an absolute stinker. Aaron Goldman, the URLaholic behind the blog, posts photos of URLs on buses, speeding trains and in more unusual places.

Trying to come up with some catchy URLs? He says:

. don'tusealllowercase (canyoureallytellwhereonewordendsandthenextbegins?)
. No-hyphens/or slashes.
. Don't use acronyms, abbreviations, or numbers unless your brand is widely known as such.
. Don't
Lines, and
. Don't bury your URL at the bottom of a billboard. He says he is the only nerd driving around with a 4x zoom lens to find URLs.

By the way, the billboard really did grab me. I had just completed a marketing marathon, three days of fantastic sessions at the DMA's B to B conference, and was very very tired. Nothing to do with the copious amounts of wine at the dinner at all. The conference was full of interesting ideas, which I will be writing about in this blog and in our print publication. Once again, thanks DMA for being so generous to the press and bloggers.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power Thursday March 5 at 7.30 am.


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OrganicMania said...

I can't believe no one has commented on this post! I just told DH about it, and his reaction was, "Do you think the advertisers planned for it to be at the Orlando airport?" I said, "Of course! It's brilliant...Dads are exhausted, leaving Orlando after a week at Disney World with their families..." And he said, "Exactly. It's too's something only a smart-ass Mom like Julie Power could dream up!"

(Love your pic and "about" page, btw).