Thursday, March 13, 2008

These prospects are worth four times as much

And 9 reasons why I bookmark

Prospects who come to your site direct by typing in the URL or returning via a link they've bookmarked (added to their list of favorites, for example) are worth four times as much as other prospects. That's the result of a two-year study by, which got some good press in The New York Times.

These direct visitors:

  • Convert at a higher rate: 3.5% compared with 1.2% for prospects from organic traffic
  • Buy more: The average value per visit was $5.69 versus paid traffic at $1.91 per visit, and
  • Stick around for longer: More than 300 seconds versus about 200 seconds for organic.

    It makes sense. Many of these people already know the site and are coming back. But the stats show that only 22% were repeat visitors. So they guess many visitors delete cookies, and if that hadn't happened, the 22% would be closer to 39%.

    It's no surprise to any of us that these people are worth more. After all, they've liked you enough to remember your Web site address, or to add it to their bookmarks, even to jot it down in their address books (do people still do that?). Or to get your ezine or whatever that sends them direct to your site. And that goes back to the old question of how to turn browsers into repeat visitors.

    This study made me think why we bookmark or save some sites and not others. So here are my 9 reasons why:

    1. Because I found good stuff and I expect to find more next time. It is dispiriting to return to a Web site that you thought was a great find to see nothing's changed in a while.

    2. Because it solved my problem.

    3. Because it gave me something I couldn't easily find elsewhere on the Web.

    4. Because the URL was too hard to remember. That's often the case with blogs.

    5. Because it provided resources I need like a spreadsheet, or a library of articles, or a glossary or a great chart for a presentation

    6. Because they didn't make my brain hurt too much ... they talked to me in language I understood.

    7. Because they made me laugh. I spend too much time at the computer these days and not enough with friends and family. Making me laugh is a good way to get attention.

    8. Because the site prompted me to bookmark. Sometimes I'm in a hurry but a small prompt could work to say, "If you've liked this library of articles, why not bookmark our site for later?"

    9. Because I knew I'd need the resource later when I was ready to buy or commit. You should see my files of great kitchen redesigns and attic overhauls ... ready for the day when this blogging makes me rich. Yeah, right.

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      Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power on Friday March 13 at 8:00 pm.


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    Matt Leopold said...

    #1 - Because it provided relevant content that I can use to help me be more efficient, productive or knowledgeable and I believe I can get it again.