Thursday, March 6, 2008

Smart viral marketing for b2b (and a great conference for small business owners)

A video made for $148 and one long day's work. That's all it took for these smart business marketers to reach their target audience, small businesses looking for a online marketing conference that understood them and the constraints they faced.

These marketers decided to practise what they preach. That is, yes, even small businesses can take advantage of online marketing.

So instead of doing the usual things (press releases, etc.) to promote their conference, and to show they understand the constraints faced by their prospects (the small business owners and marketers), they did everything on the smell of an oily rag. That's one of my favorite Aussie colloquialisms that means they went a long way on nothing but a whiff of gas.

The result is the very appealing video below (thanks to SEO Roundtable for pointing it out) that uses marketing smarts to convince prospects why they should attend.

You can read all about how they made the video, the thinking behind it, the results (lots of YouTube visits and blog posts) at Jennifer Laycock's blog.

Jennifer writes that her $150 video has snagged coverage on Duct Tape Marketing, Small Business Trends, Chris Brogan's Blog, John Chow, DoshDosh and quite a few others. She writes that it is a bit early to know the results. But like any good marketer and storyteller, she titillates by promising to tell all in the session on viral marketing at the conference.

By the way, the conference looks perfect for any marketer or small business owner who is short on resources, time and has to be everything to all people.

The Small Business Marketing Unleashed Conference is on in Houston,
April 21st & 22nd, 2008. You can read more about it at

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