Thursday, March 13, 2008

Optimization rap: That bling ain't real

Don't we all get distracted by bling? You know, the high numbers, the clickthrough rates and the dazzling displays that look great when sometimes the hard numbers (conversions, revenue) have a less glamorous tale to tell.

Conversion Closing, the latest optimization rap video by Mo Serious (search engine strategist by day and rapper by night), hammers this point:

"I'd rather get 100 clicks and close 35, than get a 1000 clicks and I only
close 9, listen to my design, don't get caught up in the rhyme, you don't
have to be number 1, strive for top 5, we can talk about positioning another time."

Conversion closing

Pop Labs' founder Gene McCubbin talked at the DMA BtoB conference in Orlando about the unexpected success of these videos on YouTube as a way of reaching business prospects. From what he said, this was Mo Serious' own way of mixing work and pleasure. And it's another example of how genuine enthusiasm and a good message can beat all the boring old b2b brochures in the world.

Another thought: This could be a great way to educate and convert people in your organization who don't get search engine optimization and don't want to read about it either. Maybe, just maybe, they may respond to something like this. Mo has done a bunch of videos on other topics. Some have got 50,000 hits.

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