Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Online marketing: So relevant it feels like a service

Here's a great way to look at today's online marketing.

"Marketing needs to be so relevant that it feels like a service," Unica's CEO Yuchun Lee told the DMA's B-to-B Conference yesterday.

What does that mean? One example: Knowing your customer's life cycle so well that you know exactly the right time to offer them a white paper. Or calling a prospect while he is on your site to offer help. Yes, that can "spook" a customer (kind of big brotherish) if it is done badly, said Lee, but if it is pitched as a service it can pay off.

He said the biggest shift in b2b marketing is that buyers have more power. They have more say over what they want, when they want it, and how they get it.

Yet many relationships between buyers and vendors were out of whack and out of touch.

Buyers often used words like "dependency, captivity and adversarial" to describe their relationships with vendors. Ugly. In contrast, many vendors were cruising along under the mistaken impression that the relationship was great.

The DMA is planning to post his presentation online sometime within the next week.


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