Thursday, March 27, 2008

New trend from Japan: Ads that tell prospects how to search

Can I find the Internet Marketing Report by entering these keywords in the Google search box? Could be easier to remember than the URL, www.eIMR.blogspot.comInstead of thinking of clever ways to get prospects to remember a brand name or company URL, marketers in Japan are suggesting keywords that prospects should type into search engines like in the photo on the left. Offline ads on billboards show a search box with keywords.

Wish I could say I'd been to Japan. But no, this finding was reported in this interesting post at Cabel's Blog LOL called, Japan: URL's Are Totally Out, with lots of interesting photos like the one on this page in Japanese.

Photo of Japanese ad by
Is this trend inevitable here? He thinks so. Must be extremely tempting for companies which are confident their sites are beautifully optimized to come top of the pops in search engine rankings.

I loved some of the comments about Cabel's post, including this one from Benjamin, at Sorrytown USA, partly because it ties in to a conversation I was having with about the way her dad types URLs into search boxes.

He wrote: "Someone in Japan has actually been paying attention to the way everyone uses a web browser. I've been watching the way people use their web browsers at work and I haven't seen anyone type in a URL in ages. If the browser doesn't have a search box (we're stuck with IE 6.0 on the work PCs) they'll do one of two things: 1.) go to google or yahoo and type in the name of the site 2.) just type in the name of the site, which works great in Safari or Firefox but IE just goes straight to Live search or whatever is the default. My wife confirms this. She stood directly behind someone and spelled out the URL only to watch the other person load up a search engine." Benjamin 3/24/2008 11:17 PM

Do you use the search box this way? Is that something you are noticing others do? Will it make a change your marketing?

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