Monday, March 3, 2008

King or queen of your own little world

Interesting post by Seth Godin where he tells old-fashioned realtors to give up now. The future is becoming the expert on your zip code and the go-to person of the hood.

The long tail is a zip code broken down into teeny weeny neighborhoods. He also points out a way that realtors, and probably anybody (cleaners, architects, printers, local appliance repair, gardening services, painters, contractors, tree surgeons, etc.) with a local or regional sales focus, can use Squidoo to develop a professional reputation AND show up in search engine results.

Seth writes: "The kids at Squidoo just built a promotional tool that lets you get started. Mayor of your zip code is a way to start a discussion group/info page about what’s happening in your slice of the world. You become the source of information, the watercooler,the person to turn to. Of course, if you spend ten minutes on it and then move on, it'll fail. But, if you spent 30% of your time working on your page (building it, curating it, promoting it), what do you think would show up in Google searches?"

Seth's call obviously resonated because quite a few realtors, like Annie Maloney, who describes herself below as "a realtor from Sevierville, TN specializing in Buying, Condos, Residential, Investment Properties, and Vacation Homes," have jumped on Squidoo bandwagon.

Here she is ...

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Have you heard how Google tests ideas on the toilet?



Annie Maloney said...

Julie, thanks for the plug in your post today regarding SquidZipper. It is amazing how simple it is to set up and how little time is actually required. With todays tech savy generation X it is imperative to continue to be a part of these types of networking and marketing stategies and to make sure that you catch the wave on the upswing. Thanks again for the mention and I will keep you informed as to how my "Mayor of Sevierville, TN" page performs.

AllisonWhitejisa said...

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