Friday, March 14, 2008

A few dots perfect for hooking online readers, bouncers and skimmers

Great comment from Anne Holland of about those great little dots that are very useful to anyone writing online copy, the ellipsis ...

She begins the discussion with this statement, “you’ve got a lot of information to get across but you know people online just don’t read paragraph text."

They skim, they scan, they skip around.

Holland explains that ellipses are an alternative to bulleted lists: "The art of getting a paragraph — or a long sentence — read is all about catching the eye. An ellipsis gives you five glorious letter-free spaces in the middle of the paragraph to grab the eye with."

She gives this example: "Acme’s widget helps you make more money … lower your costs … impress your boss … and keep your career going strong."

I think she's right. I also think they are fantastic for building suspense and also letting someone else read into your copy what they want to read into it.

Your readers get to fill in the dots.

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Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power on Friday March 14 at 8.30 pm.

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