Wednesday, March 26, 2008

E-mail: Giving senders the virtual finger

skate board kids giving the finger on
Does this really surprise anyone?

A new report confirms the trend towards using the spam button for any unwanted e-mail.

About half of respondents used the spam button for reasons other than "did not sign up for email." That included "the email was not of interest to me" (41 percent); "I receive too much email from the sender" (25 percent); and "I receive too much email from all senders" (20 percent).

By the way, how many marketers have hit the spam button on something they've asked to receive? I confess to having done it in frustration. To me, it is like giving the sender the virtual finger.

You can read more about the report by MarketingSherpa and Q Interactive at DMNews or read the press release.

Update: By the way, while you are here don't forget to read about a free new tool that some experts say is marketing nirvana.

PS. Here's a funny how-to on the correct way to give the finger in the real world.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online blog editor Julie Power on Wednesday March 26 at 9 a.m


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Dave J. said...

I am polite and not do that, same as I don't click on Adwords unless I am truly shopping, so I don't cost another marketer money.

However, a couple newsletters I get (subscribed-to is questionable), I cannot unsubscribe. One today said that the email address wasn't in their database. Yet I get the newsletter. Things like that will get people to hit the spam button.