Wednesday, March 12, 2008

48 ways to find the best search marketing help

Fantastic list of 48 questions/ideas/suggestions over at SearchEngineWatch for any company trying to choose an outside search engine consultant.

I love these suggestions:

12. Please submit 2 short PPC case studies highlighting success.
13. Please submit 1 short PPC case study highlighting failure.
14. Please submit 2 PPC client-references.

Asking about failures is a great idea. What went wrong? Are they defensive? Are they smart enough to work out what went wrong? What did they learn from this that will help you avoid stepping in the same pile of mess? Who pays when this happens?

The list includes questions good for interviewing search engine consultants, social marketing experts, pay per click folk, etc.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report Online editor Julie Power Wednesday March 12 at 10.28 am.


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