Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When the inbox takes over your life

Three quick items including world map from a viral point of view

A federal judge has fined a company $2.5 million for CAN-SPAM violations. So? EmailExperience writes it shows the act has teeth. Although the company was a spammer sending messages about human growth hormone, the violations (like misleading subject lines) were basic ones.

Over at Silverpop, a great post about taming the email beast. A good one for those of you spending more time with your inbox than your loved ones.

And yesterday we wrote about the Cart Whisperer, the new business to business viral video by VeriSign that is rocketing up the YouTube charts reaching consumers and decision makers in a one-cart whispering move. It is now up to 745,000 hits in less than two days. Researching that, I came across this very funny chart of the world of viral marketing, including the Gulf of YouTube from UnrulyMedia.

Chart shows the world from a viral point of view.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report editor Julie Power Wednesday February 26, 2008.


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