Friday, February 1, 2008

A small change that increased registrations 600%

Chances are, your prospects are in too much of a tearing hurry to read every word on your Web site. And even if they had the time, many couldn't read it without their glasses anyway. Something like 50% of the American population wears glasses. Many of those people wish their glasses hadn't been smudged, smashed and hidden by their small children. Very funny. Not.

And if you are targeting people who make decisions about where the big bucks will be spent, it's even more likely that they won't have the time or see quite as clearly today as when they were bright young clear-eyed things doing their MBAs at Wharton or wherever.

The point? A huge number of people visiting your site today need visual clues. That's important because the bulk of visitors only stay on a site for less than eight seconds. You either grab their attention, or lose them. That's why this case study grabbed my fuzzy-eyed attention.

The company increased sign-ups for its e-newsletter by 600%. My first response was skepticism, oh yeah, 600% from nothing ... But it made small changes that would work on most sites because they make sense:

  • It increased the size of the sign up button and moved it to the upper-right hand corner (from the middle of the page) so it was super-easy to see
  • It added an icon, a pile of papers
  • It put the sign-up form in the same spot on every page. To me, that's important. It's like when the local supermarket keeps moving the milk. It drives you crazy, particularly when you are in a rush.

Look who dug us? Click here to find out. Thank you for your support.

You can see screen shots of the changes at The Touch, the blog by the head of MailerMailer, Raj Khera.

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Posted by Internet Marketing Report editor, Julie Power, Friday, February 1, 2008. Updated February 15.


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Raj Khera said...

Julie, thanks for the note. It's amazing how much the little changes we made dramatically affected the number of sign ups. BTW, MailerMailer will be releasing our latest email marketing metrics report later in the month. There will be posts on my blog about some of the findings before we release the full report.