Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quick links for Internet Marketing Report print issue

Quick links for February 8, 2008 print edition of the
Internet Marketing Report

As an extra service to our print subscribers, we post the links to the stories found in each issue online. If you are a blog visitor (welcome!), and you'd like to take a look at our print publication, e-mail and we'll arrange a no-strings free trial.

Here are the links contained in the February 8 2008 print issue.

While you are on the blog, please take a look around.

You'll find other ideas on how to increase site traffic and get more out of your site, including:
A small change that increased conversions 600%
Great ways to turn lemons into lemonades (bad error messages, etc.)
Building trust when prospects think your reps are rattlesnakes in suits


Page 1, Double conversions:5 myths debunked
■ An 83% boost in your site’s return? Really, says Web guru

Click:, Usability ROI report, 01/08
Avoid common mistakes.
Ask the right questions.
Opting out doesn’t always mean goodbye study on Retail Unsubscribe Practices

Web site review:, see previous post.

Steal these ideas page 4
Little-known way to jump to top of search results,,
Waiting times boost satisfaction online,
Talking to non-technical buyers so they get it,
Peel off label with URL keeps buyers coming back:
Stop! A last-ditch try to keep prospects onsite,
Putting your best footer forward,,,,,
Talking to non-technical buyers so they get : www.htmlgoodies.comintroduction/intro/
Getting very busy prospects to pay attention,

Marketer' Toolkit:
Same meaning, different keywords pack a punch,
Inbound link counter,
Say goodbye to dead links,

What not to do, Who can’t spell? and
Where to get help,’s list and

page 6, Sharpen your judgement decision: “Attorney General Cuomo Announces
Settlement with PeoplePC Internet Provider,”

page 7, Real Problems/Real Solutions
1 Could a start-up get newspaper coverage?,
2 Getting more traffic from old pages,
3. Making the little fellas happy/loyal,

News You Can use, page 8,
Why we keep talking about Google so much,
Collecting online from customers who owe big,
Who’s e-mailing buyers? Controlling Messaging Chaos,
Free marketing help for non-profit marketers,,

Google answers burglars’ question,


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