Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One click stands: When good looking models turn prospects off

Make sure they look at your call to action ...

If you use photos of people on your Web pages, you may want to read two very good posts on FutureNow's Web site Grokdotcom.com

These Grokky articles about using photos of models in ads seem to have tapped a nerve among Web marketers. Bryan Eisenberg's post at Grokdotcom on "How a Pretty Face Can Push Visitors Away" was very popular, so much so that it won an award as the best blog post of 2007 by the search engine folk at SEMMY.

Now Peter Lee has added a follow-up article, "When a Banner Ad Becomes a One Night Stand," ripping apart a recent banner ad by TracFone and showing how the models in the ad distracted prospects instead of helping to convert them.

Together the two posts may help any marketer analyze whether a photo will help an online appeal or damage it.

The major lessons: When using models, make sure the eyes aren't the focal point. And if they are, make sure the model is looking in the direction of your call to action. For example, if a model is looking to the left, and most of your important calls to action are on the right (like try this, click here, call now, etc.) your leads could be floating right off the page. Uh oh.

Posted by Internet Marketing Report editor Julie Power February 18 Tuesday 8 am.


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