Friday, February 15, 2008

Natural born clickers: These people aren't helping results, they're ruining them

Natural born clickers, new video ads from Google on search results, and free professional looking Web sites for everyone from Microsoft

Most marketers love clickers, right? Those people who respond to your call to action, the people who click here, download this, check this out and try it now.

But a new report, which is rocketing through the blogosphere now, says heavy clickers often click without buying.

"Natural born clickers" represent just 6% of the online population yet account for 50% of clicks on all display ads. They often spend as much as four times more than others, but they don't spend as much as the clicks would suggest.


* Optimizing for high click rates may not necessarily improve performance.
* Relying on click throughs as an indicator may not work with brand-building campaigns.

There's some skepticism about the report, including,
Why Branding Campaigns Can’t Rely on the 6% that Click Display Ads
and this article at SEOmoz: Do the "Heavy Clickers" Negatively Impact Display Ad Campaigns?

Meanwhile, some interesting news you may want to check out:

Video ads on Google search result pages are finally coming. Read more about how Google is testing them in this article in the New York Times.

One reason why it's interesting: Nearly every study offline and online of images show that prospects' eyes immediately go to an image on a page before anything else. If a rival ends up using a video ad below your Google search engine listing you could be cactus.

Now anyone can have a professional looking site for free

And if you have resellers or people in your network, who still don't have a Web site. Microsoft has just released its new version of Office Live.

In A Little Piece of Microsoft Aids Small Business , NYTimes' columnist David Pogue writes:

"For the first time, these big-league tools are within your reach, partly because you don’t have to hire somebody to set them up and partly because many of them are free. "

"What makes Office Live Small Business so compelling is its sharp focus on a single problem: that half the small businesses in America, and 70 percent of one-person businesses, don’t even have Web sites. Obviously, the percentage that exploits Internet marketing tools like e-mail newsletters, search engine ads and online stores is even lower."

"Suppose you’re among them. Suppose you train dogs, or translate documents, or retouch photos, or sell knickknacks on eBay, or make seashell jewelry. And right now, your idea of a marketing plan is taping up fliers in the grocery store.

"Office Live Small Business (O.L.S.B.) is a centralized Web site where you can set up all of those small-businessy things — a Web site, an online ad campaign, e-mail promotions, in-company communications — all by yourself, even if you’re not very technical. "

Posted by Internet Marketing Report editor, Julie Power, Friday February 15 at 9 a.m.


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