Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Got a Web site? Congrats, you've joined the 4th estate

A new way to think about online marketing

What business are you in? John Battelle, who writes one of the most popular and insightful blogs on Web marketing, suggests anyone with a Web site these days is in the business of media.

"Today, I’ll assert, no matter what business you think you’re in – be it making widgets or providing a service, you’re now in the media business, plain and simple. Those that recognize this shift will succeed, those that ignore it will atrophy and eventually become irrelevant."

What does he mean? He suggests starting by looking at your customers.

"Your customer’s media habits have changed dramatically in the past ten years. More likely than not, your customers spend nearly 15 hours a week online – it’s where they play, communicate, interact with services, and shop and research major purchases. In short, your customer has developed a major new media habit. The question is: Has your business?"

Then he poses a questions to all those among us whose search engine efforts and other campaigns haven't met expectations.

"Maybe the problem isn’t the channels you’re using for marketing. Perhaps, instead, it’s the approach you are taking to the market. What might happen if you reframe your go to market thinking from that of a “small- to medium-sized business” to one of “a media producer”? What might happen then?"

You can read all of John's post on Open Forum or read his other blog battellemedia.com


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