Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A one-cart whispering hit

Whispering to prospects sure beats yelling

Many business marketers in particular are skeptical about the power of viral marketing. But when it works it is a beautiful thing to behold.

Take this funny video released Monday featuring the Cart Whisperer, Liberty Fillmore. It has already had nearly 700,000 hits. On the day of its release, it was the second most viewed video on YouTube. Wow. That's a nice bit of push and pull marketing by VeriSign, which is targeting end users and business prospects in a one-cart whispering hit.

You can see its trajectory on this chart from ViralVideoChart.com, the Guardian's fantastic service that tracks video trends (a good resource if you are looking to piggyback a ride on a hot new video).

Why does it work?

It is funny.
It makes a connection between something everyone understands (the kinds of shopping carts we use in supermarkets) and the ones businesses understand (the ones we use online).

And it sells the benefits of its product in an amusing and palatable way without ramming it down prospects' throats. In other words, it realizes its buyers are smart. Just like the cart whisperer, there's no need to yell. Whisper nicely and your carts may come rolling on home.

VeriSign says the campaign is a lighthearted take on a serious business issue. The video is aimed at "highlighting the pain companies experience as they try to understand why consumers fill online shopping carts, only to abandon them before buying."

You can read more about the campaign at nomoreabandonedcarts.com

By the time I'd finished writing this post, another 22,000 people had watched the video. Either I'm a slow typer or this bug is catching.

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Posted by Internet Marketing Report editor Julie Power Tuesday February 26 at 4 p.m.



Davida said...

Interesting to know.

relationshipsellingbuffs said...

The Cart Whisperer! That is classic. I loved this post. Even though it is a few years old it is so relevant in today's market. You don't need to shove your product or service down anyone's throat. Selling today is kinder, gentler and more customer focused - not "wiifm" what's in it fo me but rather what's in it for them. Great post - LOVE the video.