Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taking the blogosphere seriously

Twofer: Blogs reach journalists and your target market at the same time

If your company is not reaching out to bloggers, you could be missing an amazing opportunity ... not only to talk directly to their readers but to the traditional media as well.

Turns out, something like 70% of all reporters check a blog on a regular basis. Nearly 21% say they spend more than an hour a day reading them, finds a new survey by Brodeur Strategic Planning and Marketwire, released last week.

So the message you give bloggers may influence reporters. Over half of the reporters surveyed said blogs had a significant impact on the tone and editorial direction. From experience, I can tell you that they are a great source of story ideas, a wonderful way to find someone to comment on an issue and even a good place to find a quote from someone.

Readers of our print publication, The Internet Marketing Report (January 23 issue), may like to check out our page 7 story about how http://www.energytomorrow.org/ is holding regular teleconferences with bloggers to get their message out. It's a good story on how this organization has realized that bloggers are a legitimate marketing and communication channel.

One reason this technique works so well is that many bloggers don't face the deadline pressure or the competition for column inches that drive traditional journalists around the bend. That means, they often write longer and more thoughtfully, particularly those who are writing about a topic because they have a passion for it.

Takeaway: Whether you sell industrial pumps or Lladro figurines on EBay, try to reach out to one blogger a day. Make a suggestion, reply to someone's else post, or provide a press release.

You never know just who is reading. You could have The New York Times on the phone tomorrow. Or you could see one of your comments picked up and quoted somewhere else.

Brodeur Journalist's Survey press release is at http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/industries/media/article/brodeur-journalists-survey-identifies-blogs-influence-traditional-news_428163_15.html?printerFriendly=true

And thanks to LivingstonBuzz blog for pointing out this new report, http://www.livingstonbuzz.com/blog/2008/01/11/do-blogs-influence-traditional-news-coverage/

Quick aside: As I was logging in to blogger this morning, I started daydreaming. And as I daydreamed, I watched the little rollcall of bloggers who'd updated at 11.09am EST come rolling across the screen. Some were instantly recognizable as being about sales, an amazing number seemed to be about golf, and others, well, one can only imagine what they were writing about.

Somewhere sometime there could be someone blogging about you and your products.


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