Thursday, January 17, 2008

The most underused and underrated page on most Web sites

Great for prospects, good for Web spiders

What pages are often neglected despite their pulling power?

Your FAQ pages.

Pages with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) perform two valuable services for Web sites:

  • They can be a treasure trove of keywords. You may want to turn every question into a separate page. That way you add valuable keyword-rich content to a site that search engines will love, suggests this good article by Matt McGee at

    In other words, it is a legitimate way to hike up the number of keywords you are using. McGee had a farm client who developed a separate FAQ for each fruit sold. (Just imagine: How many calories in one of our lemons? How are our lemons grown? Will our lemons really whiten teeth? Why are our lemons better than everyone else's? How can I turn lemons into lemonade? Why do lemons taste sour? Do lemons really preserve stuff?)
  • FAQs reassure customers and give you another chance to show you really know your stuff. One suggestion: Don't just answer questions that customers have asked in the past, answer the questions that they don't even know they need answered, suggests McGee.

    Short of ideas? Ask Service and Sales reps what kind of questions customers ask when they call. What's the doorknob question they are too afraid or too embarrassed (it might be a technical question that they feel makes them look like an idiot) to ask? (Saw that on House last night ... That's the throwaway question that patients often ask doctors just as they are leaving. They came in about a cold and as they turn to go, they ask, "Is coughing up blood bad too?")
Here are some FAQs that really sell for this architectural firm, although the typeface is really hard to read:

These FAQs reassure prospects like me who aren't used to dealing with architects. After all, working with an architect is a once in a lifetime experience for most people. These FAQs gently hold my hand, answer my dumb questions and my smart ones too, and reassure me that they'll help me get through the good and the bad times.


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