Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How business marketers are standing out from rivals in search results

What's one thing that could make your company stand out from rivals in search engine results?

Try adding something different to your subject line, the bit next to your name in the results.

One of our readers added the company's phone number, another company added its slogan.

Take this company, Industrial Pump Service.

A search for it in Google brings up a ton of lookalike firms offering similar services.

But only one has this tagline, "Industrial pump service, Innovators, Not Imitators."

That's a great way to greet prospects faced with a hundred firms offering the same stuff.

It's only a little thing but it sure can pack a punch.

Ed Doran, marketing manager for Emcor Enclosures, has done something similar with the company's phone number.

He wrote in a recent issue of the Internet Marketing Report print edition,

"If our marketing has one goal it’s to start a conversation with prospects.

"In essence, we want potential buyers to pick up the phone and call us. So when we redesigned our Web site recently, we also looked at our results on search engines.

"It wasn’t enough for a prospect to find us. We wanted them to take the next step and call us.

"So we decided to try something different to make our phone number as prominent as our name in search engine results.

"Our tech people changed the code on our home page, adding the phone number and location to the title tag and to the footer on the page. Now when a prospect searches for us, by name or by product, our phone number, name and location appear in the title bar.

"For example, when a prospect searches on Google for our product, “enclosures,” we are the only company on the first page of results whose phone number and location appear like this in the title bar.

"We are not the top result, but we stand out. Prospects don’t need to read the copy or click on the link to see who we are, where we are and how to contact us."

Posted by IMR editor, Julie Power.


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