Friday, January 25, 2008

Gone fishing! How it can pay off in online leads and sales

Viral marketing resulted in a bath tub full of leads

When was the last time you spent an hour shooting off a few e-mails to your industry's bloggers?

Getting bloggers is like going fishin' ... you need to drop a well-baited line with a cleverly-hidden hook and hope something big bites.

That sure was the case for marketer Lars Hundley of and

He's been one of the most energetic and innovative users of new media I've seen, proving that you don't have to be one of the big consumer companies to make YouTube and other social media pay off for your site. (Recently we had a great case study about him in the Internet Marketing Report print edition where he offered credits to buyers who made videos about his yoyos. He got lots of how-to videos on YouTube, they got free yoyos. A really clever thing to do, especially if your buyers don't have big bucks. One video got more than 80,000 hits.)

In fact, some interesting research came out yesterday that shows business to business (b2b) marketers as well as consumer marketers are coming over to the "dark side" and embracing blogs, videos, seminars and social networking (isn't that what old fashioned sales rep used to do at conferences after all? In those days, though, it was schmoozing with a few martinis under the belt.) Even more surprising, more business marketers have tried virtual worlds like Second Life than consumer marketers. You can read more at eMarketer

Back to Lars.

He wrote recently about how a short note to an industry blog resulted in a bath full of leads and a great write up on Wired magazine.

He said:

"I have this really cool new showerhead on my web site that saves water and energy in a unique way. I am one of the first retailers to carry it, so I wanted to take the opportunity to get the word out first, before people can find it all over the place.

"So I wrote a short, personal email about the product to an editor at, the biggest environmental blog. They were recently bought out by the Discovey Channel, and they have a very large readership.

"Three days later, I came in to work and found this great review about my product, with photo, at

"Even better, two days later, Wired Magazine picked up the post on their own blog,

"I'm getting lots of traffic and sales of my new product as a result, and helping people save water and energy at the same time!

I've read the letter Lars sent. It was personal, it showed a genuine interest and knowledge of the topics written about and it made Lars' credentials as a genuine greenie very clear (he has his own blog about the environment).

Sure, green products like his are very flavor of the month. But chances are, your industry bloggers are just as interested in your industry's products and developments, especially if you can give them an interesting angle or application.

Posted by Julie Power, editor of the Internet Marketing Report Friday January 25, 2008.


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