Thursday, January 10, 2008

From monster industrial pumps to weird sweaters, why all marketers should take a look at StumbleUpon

How to start a marketing virus ...

Here is a tale of a weird blanket with arms, a kind of sweater known as the Slanket, that caught on big thanks to the viral media Web site, And it could be the story of a great big industrial pump too.

StumbleUpon is one of those viral marketing sites which are really changing the marketing landscape. People can literally stumble through a bunch of random Web sites that other people think are interesting, or they can track sites that Stumblers (people registered on the site) think are cool. And if others agree, the site gets even more popular, and even more people are likely to share it with someone else, so on and so forth.

Anyway, a recent story showed how StumbledUpon made a huge difference to this little company,

One person Stumbled Upon the Slanket and others thought it was cool too.

Before you knew it, these people had a hit. Such a big hit that they couldn't keep up with pre holiday demand but that's another story altogether.

There's another reason why this StumbleUpon craze is interesting .. as this story talking about the Slanket craze shows, see

There's obviously a big craving by lots of people to discover something totally new, well, new to them, with the backing of recommendations from others.

As these things grow, it seems crazy for marketers in any field not to take advantage of this craze. After all, adding a little StumbleUpon button is darn easy.

For example, one of our subscribers Jim Hare from industrial company, just sent me a photo of this monster industrial pump. That line in the photo is actually 7,000 feet of discharge hose - pumping water from the bottom of a mine in California almost 500 feet higher and mile THAT'S a pump! That red line is to show its path.

This pump may not be cool to people who like funny blankets with arms, but to people in the industrial pump industry that's something amazing. Maybe there are people who like both. Who knows?

Takeway: If you have something cool or unusual or that could be the talk of your industry, it is easy enough to add a little StumbleUpon button to each page. You can get advice on how to add this little button to your page, your blog, etc., from


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