Monday, January 14, 2008

Finding someone who really, truly understands search optimization

Know SEO? Prove it, take my keyboard!

Here's a great tip from the Lonely Marketer blog. He was recently looking for a marketing manager who could write, had experience with lead generation and social media. And it was also important that he or she understood why optimizing Web pages and paid search campaigns for search engines was so important in today’s marketing mix.

Patrick Schaber , the Lonely Marketer, says if they mentioned anything to do with keywords, they made it to the next round.

One of the candidates was touting his Google Adwords experience so Patrick handed the candidate his keyboard and asked him to find the Loney Marketer's top performing ad group.

That did it. Patrick says the candidate had " no clue how to find that most basic element. "

Great idea. You know how journalists are sometimes asked to write or edit something during a job interview, this is like the online marketers' instant test. You could develop a list of tasks that you think would really show whether the candidate had the right stuff. Added benefit? Sometimes candidates who may not have the qualities you need in one area may have some great ideas about SEO you can adapt.

By the way, don't you love the name of Patrick's blog, the Lonely Marketer? It is not because he is a lonely guy with no friends. But because most marketers in small to medium-sized businesses often work alone. Too true.

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