Friday, January 18, 2008

Reset buttons: The hidden conversion killers

What's eating your conversions?

They're out there, on big Web sites and small, waiting to sap your prospects' patience

These conversion killers are innocent little reset buttons.

Apparently, 22% of Web sites still have them, MarketingSherpa's experts said yesterday in an audio conference to promote their report on landing pages.

The buttons are mostly lurking on small to mid-size business-to-business sites.

But this morning I stumbled over one on the Conference Board's Web site

You can see a screen shot below.

And when I say stumbled, I hit the reset button by mistake, cursed and then had to re-enter the info to resend.

It wasn't a big deal to me. I was only sending details about an upcoming conference to a colleague. But getting prospects to attend their conferences, and getting reporters to cover these events, is this organization's bread and butter.

It could make the difference between a conversion or not.

Imagine a busy business buyer completing a long form, only to hit the reset button by mistake.

Who knows if he or she has the time or patience to enter the info again.

Why take the chance? Get rid of reset buttons, or move them away from the spot where you usually find the send or confirm buttons on the bottom right of the page.

We wrote about this recently in the print publication, Internet Marketing Report. Since then I've been seeing reset buttons everywhere.

You can read the slides that accompanied the MarketingSherpa audio conference at


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