Monday, November 26, 2007

When words aren't enough: How to use images to tell your story

In every issue of the Internet Marketing Report, we review a Web site.

When words aren’t enough to sell products, borrow some ideas from this company that uses video to showcase its industrial products.

There’s nothing gimmicky about what it’s doing. Instead,, the Web site of a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment and industrial doors, uses video, photos and 3-D images on nearly every important page of its site.

Show the worst that can happen

These images play on a prospects’ emotions. Sometimes they’re reassuring, other times they create insecurity. For example, the site uses photos of fires caused by faulty dock seals to show what goes wrong when customers don’t use its products snip url

Throughout the site, photos, videos, illustrations and other visual devices add depth and interest.

For example, the home page includes a Virtual Warehouse.!OpenPage

video library

with dozens of videos, in different speeds, showcasing each item.
One example: A prospect can watch a video of a BugShield Screen Door – 56K (Dial-Up), 150K (modem), 300K (DSL).


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