Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A mascot makes this company stand out from rivals

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This is a great site for any company that despairs of how to
stand out from rivals.

After all, how does one stuffy law
firm differentiate itself from another?

With a bulldog mascot called

Here is a great screen shot of Winston on the march at ...

The mascot unifies the site and personifies the company’s brand – something a prospect can’t see – as loyal, sometimes pugnacious and protective of clients.

This award-winning site makes it easy to contact an attorney. A prospect can search by location, by name or by specialty. Some companies, especially large ones, discourage prospects from directly contacting execs or senior employees. This company makes it doggone easy.

The Web site includes individual Web pages for each lawyer as well as providing a VCard with contact details, which you can see in this screenshot.

The site has well-written material appealing to clients’ different interests and styles, with podcasts, blogs, videos and client alerts (a subscription service). And it includes a library of marketing collateral. That makes it easy for employees to re-use material or for prospects to see an ad.

Menus are short and go across, not down. The “page not found” ( provides a clever map to help prospects find their way out.

On the downside ... the site is missing an opportunity to grab better spots on search engine results.

Would it be too much to expect this firm to top the rankings in a search for “bulldog attorney?”

While “bulldog and Winston” deliver great results, the top spot for “bulldog attorney” is grabbed by a competing firm.

That means this great site is missing an opportunity to attract prospects who may remember “that firm with a bulldog” before they remember
the name.

After all, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice doesn’t exactly slip off the tongue.
While most of the site includes indepth copy, it is not as well optimized as it could be.

For example, some of the title tags miss opportunities to show up in search results.
Some optimization hiccups

Take the keyword META tag for its intellectual property page. It includes key words about license agreements, corporate sponsored research, etc. But guess what’s missing?

The site has omitted the keywords, “intellectual property.”


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Aden said...

Thank you for your comments. We appreciate the fact that you took the time to closely look at our web site. I'm also grateful that you found some SEO "blindspots" that we can easily fix. We appreciate well thought out feedback.

Aden Dauchess
Internet Marketing Manager
Womble Carlyle