Friday, October 26, 2007

Blogs: A warm way for any small business to connect with prospects and customers

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Even the smallest B2B companies can use blogs to build long-term relationships with customers and keep prospects coming back.

Take this company as an example. Even though it’s a tiny company, the president writes two blogs to showcase the company’s services to business buyers.

It includes plenty of juicy stuff.

While it is far from perfect, it provides a lot of compelling copy that illustrates how any company could talk directly to their buyers. The two blogs cater to companies and prospects with slightly different interests (even though they’re both written by the same person).

For example, CRM Lady at talks in a very chatty, approachable way about work with customers, including the latest software, tips and interesting applications. For example, a recent post talked about how she worked with one customer to configure a product in a different way.

Note: Since we reviewed this site, the author of CRMLady has moved States and joined a larger company. But she's promised to keep up her blogs.


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