Thursday, August 30, 2007

Looks aren't everything: What else sites need to attract customers

In every issue of Internet Marketing Report, we review a Web site that’s effectively marketing the company behind it.

CLP Resources, Inc. has two sites with the professional look and feel needed to drive new business, but the construction staffing company didn't stop there.

It's clear the designers of CLP's sites, and, understood the importance of SEO.

The sites rank in the top half of Google's first search results page for "traveling construction jobs."

Here's why:

CLP's site designers also applied two key elements to retaining prospects.
An example of both is shown below.



Bryan Landaburu, President, FUZE said...

Thanks for the article. You pegged a couple points we try to enforce to our clients. We were the strategists, designers, developers, and optimizers so to speak for the CLP family of companies. A few additional features worth pointing out on the CLP sites:

1) the goals for these sites are to attract and qualify as many candidates nationwide as possible. Once qualified, these candidates need to be routed immediately to CLP's national network of offices for recruitment effort. This process is fully automated end-to-end.

2) user audiences are clearly identified and their needs met at the site in order of priority. At present, they want candidates to apply - so i defy anyone to miss the call to apply on the sites.

3) page and site structure are all 100% dynamic and controlled by the client and us - which makes page changes simple and indexing almost immediate. All pages on the site are easy to find and have proper editorial style markup (H1, H2, Content).

4) client drives traffic through all sorts of media, so we harness and funnel this traffic through clean, clear, optimized landing pages that help pay off their traditional media, outdoor, direct mail, with a web element that we can track the landing and conversion on.

5) site is fully wrapped in analytics that let us constantly evaluate and fine tune the marketing efforts.

CLP is a company that believes in doing things right. They put the needs of their customers and the potential employees they recruit at the forefront of everything they do. Your experience is consistent whether you meet CLP face-to-face, ear-to-ear, or screen-to-screen. This is just the beginning for what we are planning for their web presence.

Just a few notes from the source. We all appreciate your writeup on the current sites.

IMR editor said...

Hey, thanks for the comments. Your insights are valuable and will help others.

Julie Power, new editor of IMR.