Monday, May 7, 2007

Site design builds the company's brand and drives conversions

In every issue of Internet Marketing Report we give you quick tips on how other companies
leverage the Internet to increase their bottom line.

To dig in even deeper, we launched a new section in the issue 5/10/07: "Web site Review," on p. 3.

Our first review is of wood display manufacturer Admiral Display's site:
Click to enlarge the image below and see what this company's doing right:

The site is an excellent reflection of Admiral Display's image -- and there are brains
behind the beauty, too.
Go to the site and right click, then select "View Page Source."
Near the top you'll see:

The company has optimized the meta description and keyword tags.
Because it uses words associated with what it sells in these meta tags, it's more likely
to show up on search engines when people are looking for what it offers.

Now, two small nitpicks:

* The copyright date is 2006. Some prospects may take that to mean the company
hasn't paid attention to the site in a while.

* The page lacks a footer. Your footer is another location where you can add
keywords -- such as info about your location -- and potentially move higher
up the search engine results page for those terms.


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